Wedding Nails

For blushing brides-to-be, having perfect wedding nails is right up there with having the right dress and making sure you’re wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue.

So, we asked our crew to give us some of their top tips to help prepare for that big day.

They’ve come up with some great ideas to ensure your nails are as sparkling as the champagne!

Just follow these tips – and make your final treatment as a single girl the fabulous Bridal Bliss. An extensive and luxurious mani + pedi for you and your maid of honour. The perfect preparation for the perfect day.

Preparation is key! 

It takes 3 months for a nail to grow. So start by having a consultation with a professional to ensure you are having treatments and using products that are right for you.

We are what we eat!

A healthy balanced diet is essential not only for nails but your hair and skin too. Ensure you are having enough calcium and Omega oils.  No DIY dieting!

Cuticles are crucial!

Use a good quality cuticle oil – Dadi Oil or OPIs Avoplex are both great and available on board. They moisturise nails and the skin around them – so your nails become more supple and you’ll prevent splitting.

Shape up

Stick to the natural shape of your nails as much as possible and if you prefer a rounded shape make sure you don’t take too much off the sides as it can cause nail splitting.

She wears it well

Colours change depending on your skin tone so make sure you choose a colour that works well for you.

If your skin tone is pale then lighter shades with pink or blue undertones are best. Pastel colours can look great too. Choose pinks or reds to brighten the complexion. With fair complexion beige, white and silver can be fabulous.Those with blue undertones look great with pink based varnish. Medium skin tones enjoy a wide range of colours and can be more choosy. Peach or gold colours enhance olive complexions.

Too bling bling?!

Don’t go for a very pearlescent colour on your nails. As with eye makeup it reflects the light more than matte products and can look different on the photographs. Matte with glossy finish would be our favourite.

Do you speak French? 

The French manicure is back! Perfect for brides with well maintained nails, but if you need to cover up go for opaque pastels. Or choose a longer lasting treatment like Two Weeks To Tahiti with a French finish.

Softly does it


Invest in a good hand cream to moisturise hands in between your treatments.

Hot Paraffin treatment combined with exfoliation twice a month will detox the skin and help cells to regenerate and skin will look healthier and younger.

Matchy matchy?

You can match your nails to your toes or you can match them to your shoes, particularly if you have special and sparkly shoes. Just choose your sparkly colour very carefully! It looks best when it’s that very special Diamante sparkle not bling bling!

Top tip!

Always wear gloves when washing up, many liquids remove oils from your skin and nails as well as your dishes!!


Upgrade Your London Christmas Office Party & Fly First Class!

We were especially impressed with how friendly and professional all your staff were, they really helped to make the evening a success

Unique party venue

Our fabulous authentic interiors provide the perfect backdrop to any event. They’re a brilliant location for your London Christmas office party – or perfect for a pre-party gathering to finish off your look.

Fizz & tips!

With every detail, including all food and drink, carefully managed by our experienced team you just need to send out the invitations.

– Private hire from 4 to 25

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Come File With Us

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I have had really positive feedback from everyone so I think you may have won over a few more customers!

The evening was great fun, thank you and the MWnails ladies were so efficient and helpful!


Mani’s Maketh Man

Good male grooming starts with well-shaped nails. 

Treat your husband, boyfriend, father or just a friend to a flight aboard a First Class MWnails jet.

Our men’s treatments are carefully designed to be exactly what a man wants from a mani or pedi.


We use only the best quality products… our therapists are all expertly trained. And it’s on an airplane! What more could any man want?

Choose from manicures like the Manhai Shape (12) to the Spruce Goose (29) and on to Ground Control (39), the perfect men’s pedicure. Avoid that jagged ‘just cut with clippers’ look and get their nails looking buff.

Professional manicures are a must for the well-turned-out gentleman.

After all… mani’s maketh man!

Autumn Watch – A/W ’12 trends – nail colours

Here at the MWnails Flight Decks we’re often asked for our new season nail colour trends.

We all know how difficult it can be to truly predict what colours people will go with – and one of the joys of nails is that we can change our colour with every outfit we wear.

There’s no denying that nails, and nail colours, continue to be big news. There are some amazing shades, finishes and textures out there – not forgetting the stunning nail art designs our crew and other nail artists are creating. But what colours are going to feature on our fingertips over the coming season?

50 Shades of Grey?

(And we don’t mean that racy novel filling Kindles everywhere!)

Taking our lead from the cool classic beauty displayed by Chanel, we think clients could start yearning for darker shades – such as Chanel’s Vertigo. Essie have obviously got some stunning dark greys and we’re predicting a shift back to those stronger hues that work so well on paler winter skin, like Essie’s Up’s and OPI’s Every Month Is Oktoberfest from their Germany collection.

We also think Essie’s Berry Hard could continue to be a favourite and OPI’s new The Spy Who Loved Me might become a nail bar winner.

And, for the nudists amongst you, we think you’ll be loving OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons.

But, as marvellous as our esteemed Captain is, even he can’t see into the future.

So, during the Summer we’ve been tracking colour choices… We’ve noted down every nail colour choice made by our clients. Just to see whether there are any clear winners. And which shades really tingle our tips!

Want to know the results?

Top Ten Essie & OPI Colours – Summer ’12 at MWnails

  • OPI     Big apple Red
  • OPI     Bubble Bath
  • Essie     Jazz
  • Essie     Blanc
  • Essie     Tangerine
  • Essie     Camera
  • Essie     Ole Caliente
  • OPI     Dim Sum Plum
  • Essie     Lolipop

And the winner is…

Essie   Hi maintenance

We’ll keep tracking the A/W 12 trends and let you know in January if the predictions were right!