Take a peek at some of our fabulous high-flying press reviews…

Asiana Wedding

Asiana Magazine loved Two Weeks to Tahiti, the perfect long-lasting treatment to take you through to your honeymoon.

“Experience the deluxe lounge areas and take a non-stop flight to nail heaven…”


Company Magazine

Company magazine wanted to check out the new rules for modern salon treatments.

“They combine a great service with unusual extras and a good giggle”



ASOS Magazine

ASOS Magazine loves MWnails and recommends you file away for a visit!

“A quirky, retro London nail bar is complete with comfy seats and overhead lockers. Double take worthy nail art is offered by stewardesses. First Class!”

Woman & Home Magazine

Woman & Home discover some professional tips from the experts at MWnails.

“Perfect tips go for bright and bold colours, says MWnails Crew”



You Magazine

You Magazine recommend MWnails “Hot on the Nail Trail.”

“Join Spitalfield’s mile-high mani club and sit in a 1970’s Air France seat. Try a Shanghai Shape or a Caribbean Combi.”


Time Out London

Time Out London sent their under-groomed chaps for a Ground Control and found it delightfully relaxing.

“Afterwards, my feet felt pleasantly tender, with soft new skin exposed after years of hibernation. It was actually delightfully relaxing.”

NEW Magazine

New magazine road tested the pedicure Tokyo Toes and found it “blissful”.

“My nails were shaped, polished and painted and my feet were massaged and moisturised – blissful.”



Scratch Magazine

Scratch recommend MWnails – seriously stylish for serious stylists.

“MWnails is a seriously stylish airline themed nail bar… the salon is custom built to allow the staff to offer high standards of treatment in the shortest time possible”

Time Out

Time Out recommends going for the luxurious Polynesian Pedicure.

“Best new nail bar – MWnails. Down Chancery Lane, tucked away on an even littler lane, is a new nail bar with quite a difference…”

Reviews From the Beauty Bloggers


Harper’s Bazaar have always loved airports but none so much as MWnails.

“Stewards have been replaced by some of the hottest nail artists in town and we’ve already booked a return flight.”


Dija thinks MWnails crew stand out for customer service and go the extra mile.

“The  pedicure thrones were so comfortable and the set up so efficient. The inbuilt vibrating foot spa is class! The paint finish is well as excellent, so can’t go wrong with a pedicure there.”

red online.com

Redonline highly recommends the  Rapid Rio – which offers a flawless manicure in under 20-minutes, to the Captain’s Cockpit which transform your hands.  

If your nails are in need of a professional polish or you’re searching for a pedicure with a difference, then aviation themed nail bar, might just be the one stop shop to whip your talons into shape for Summer”

Glass Magazine

Glass highly recommends the MWnails experience.

 “Not only was the atmosphere one of retro chic but my nails were immaculate and have lasted a full week with not one chip.”


Reiss loved the Caribbean Combi infused with tropical flavours.

“It was absolutely brilliant and the polish is still going strong..”


Fabulous magazine enjoyed the Perfect Panama – complete relaxtion and not a bit of jet lag. Amaze.

“Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a finer-tip of a lifetime…”


Ree thought MWnails was an experience in a glamourous 1970’s luxe travel kind of way!

“I already showed you the gorgeous manicure I had at MWnails but now it’s time to share the experience with you because I completely loved it and this was more than a manicure, much more.”

I know this great little place

I know this great little place thought the Perfect Panama signature treatment was still perfect a week later.

“Escapism on a budget; it’s a serious step up in environs terms from the local Tanfastic and the nail work was seriously impressive to boot. Buckle up and enjoy the high life…”


Latest in beauty thought the Shanghai Shape was a might fine mani.

“This is one mile-high club you’ll want to join! The attention to detail is second to none… ”

Beauty & The Dirt

Beauty & the dirt recommend Tokyo Toes as you will be clipped, buffed and polished under 30 minutes.

“Equally as fabulous as the salon’s jet-set stylings are the treatments themselves. Not to forget the nail technicians. Dressed in pristine air stewardess attire they are attentive, perky and thorough”


Wedding magazine highly recommend MWnails.

“MWnails brings together the true decadence and glamour of air travel 70’s style”


Bahighlife loved the time saving Caribbean Combi.

“Inspired by the vintage decadence of 1970’s air travel, MWnails is a luxurious nail bar with a fabulous difference with its technicians’ skill adds a little extra something…”


Brides magazine highly recommends Captains Cockpit – perfect for the wedding into honeymoon.

“Jet off on honeymoon Pan Am-style with a shellac manicure at MWnails – the fuss free varnish not only dries instantly but looks perfect for two weeks”

Conde Nast cntraveller.com

Conde nast recommend for holiday makers the fuss free varnish treatment – Captains Cockpit.

“Style High Club – if the glamour of 1970’s air travel appeals and why wouldn’t it? Then the new salon from MWnails is sure to impress… “


Elle thought the The Mile High treatment was super indulgent.

“The Mile High Manicure club – I spent the evening in an airplane having a manicure as you do. The attention to detail is quite astonishing…”