The Extra Mile

10 French Descent

Add a gorgeous French finish to your manicure for only for £10. For truly top tips this classic French manicure design suits most nails and goes with everything and anything. [read more]

15 Chocks Away

If your feet need that little bit of extra attention, add 15 luxuriant minutes of exfoliation and hard skin removal to your choice of pedicure. We all know that moment [read more]

15 Florida Feet

Add a relaxing foot massage to your pedi for only £15. Let us take the weight off and ease away the stresses your day. £15     |     [read more]

15 Hanoi Hands

Supplement your mani or any other treatment with a relaxing hand and arm massage for just £15. Or if you’re just having one of those days, pop in to one [read more]

15 Paraffin Paradise

The deepest hand or foot moisturisation in the business. Softly does it! Cold weather, dry heat, washing, shopping, cooking, dancing… our fingers and toes go through a lot in a [read more]

4 Runway Repair

Ouch just broken a nail?! Show nail damage the emergency exit from just £4 per nail… Remember treat nails like jewels not tools – but for those moments when you forget [read more]

44 In-flight Infills

Had a Fiji Full Set? Nails grown out? Mind that gap! Book yourself in for same colour gel infills. We’ll shape your nails and gently push back your cuticles in preparation [read more]

5+ Taxi ‘n’ Take Off

Professional gel nail varnish removal – for Gels, Acrylics or Shellac. Taxi ‘n’ Take Off  – Removal of gels, acrylics, shellac, Artistic & Bio Sculpture. From £5 for safe professional [read more]